WP3, Research Analysis Report Partners will research the education proposal, the market and the education needs with the intent to produce a detailed report with an in-depth analysis of the issues/challenges of different stakeholders when approaching DS.

It includes the following tasks: the identification of current education opportunities in DS; the analysis of market needs; the identification of education/training needs; the evaluation of gathered information; the development of the Report, and the evaluation and refining (if necessary) of the Report.

In order to deliver a widely functional and highly professional training in data science, it is necessary to uncover, on the one hand, the availability of the academic study programmes related to Data Science accessible at Higher Education Institutions, and on the other hand, to discover education providers in partner countries. Meanwhile, it is also useful to analyse the current market needs in terms of competences and experience required for the data scientist and other occupations using DS. Since skill sets for data scientists in different industry sectors are rarely discussed – they are in effect hired as “generalists” with rather limited domain knowledge – the aim is to understand how to satisfy an increased demand for business focused and domain-specific data science skills (i.e. in tourism or digital marketing).

The research analysis report is therefore a direct result of Phase 1 activities: a detailed report with an in-depth analysis of issues/challenges that different stakeholders have when approaching data science:

  • HEIs: identification of the current education provision and the methodologies and challenges facing technology improvements which constantly and profoundly affect the data science sector.

The result will be a detailed list of existing training courses / study programs in project countries offered by HEIs. For sector comparative purposes, the analysis will also take into consideration various ad hoc short training courses offered by other education providers (EQF level 5 or lower) since they nowadays represent a trend in offering data science training programs.

• Business sector: the analysis of market needs based on domain-specific characteristics in both partner countries and at the European level in respect to relevant occupations.

• The Identification of education/training needs to be provided implementing the project activities.

Through IO1 activities, the special focus will be to analyse the supply/demand for data science education /skills in non-tech industries. This output represents the background for designing and structuring educational materials and pilot cases that are envisaged within IO3 and IO4. In other words, it will offer methodology guidelines for structuring cases, and will contain the most frequent/most requested domain-specific data science skills and a report containing different inventory opportunities.

WP3 will produce the following deliverables:

  • A Research Analysis Report
  • A 1st multiplier event