WP4 Interactive Online Repository Development of a fully functioning interactive online repository covering 2 main functions:

• A Training Mechanism contributing to the development of participants’ new skills and experiences; giving the possibility to the business sector to train experts and to choose a specific hardware repository for their needs; to speed up the process in creating business values which will be done during WP4

• An Interactive Online Repository – IO2 (TIB) that includes a technology selection; technical concept development; repository/content development; simulation development; the testing of the repository in respect to the defined parameters; and the evaluation of and refining the repository .

The fast growth of structured and unstructured data available in large volumes becomes very difficult to maintain using common conventional methods and relational database management.

The data may hard to maintain, as sometimes choosing the right approach, hardware platform and/or tool for a specific purpose can be crucial for achieving an intended result. Thus, different industries that are highly data intensive, can benefit from the use of data science, or industries that require support can benefit from high performance analytical tools and concepts which utilize large volumes of data. This kind of instrument is represented by an interactive online platform with innovative technologies and tools. This mechanism can be applied in HEIs as well, since educational organizations are rarely equipped with a tool capable of gathering billions of data records (with their value comparison), or are rarely able to offer different types of simulations after the ingestion of this massive amount of input even with having massive industry expertise in data driven decision making. Project partners will therefore develop a fully functioning interactive online repository covering two main functions. It will represent a part of a personalised training mechanism which will contribute to the development of participants’ new skills and experiences by delivering educational/training material in a full-scale training case (“from business problem to business usage”) through an innovative and interactive approach, thereby filling the gap for the increased demand and the limited supply of a business efficient approach in training methods. The repository will thus host the full spectrum of learning materials (modules, presentations, handbooks, text, quizzes) to be used as an improvement on current learning modules, which is intended to be used as a core part of new learning modules or to be used for self-directed study.

To access the repository, users will login using their existing account (for example Google, Facebook, Linkedin) in order to guarantee free access. For the business sector, the repository, on the other hand, will be even more motivational as it will be possible for companies to train their experts in a more efficient way, allow them to help customers in the process of choosing a specific hardware platform for specific business needs, and allow them to speed up the process in creating business value by using data science, similtaneously lowering the risk related to the level of outcomes that can be unlocked from often lucrative projects (they can unlock great value but at the same time they carry a significant risk of not being able to reach the delivery point or to create value that cannot be captured). Additionally, given the fact that the business (industry) target group has certain characteristics which require a business-oriented training methodology, the repository will be action driven so that companies will be immediately able to see the relevance of each action to their workplace and understand the benefits from using the repository. The interactive online repository will be developed according to its two main features: content and simulation. The content is related to the standardized mode to present information and to manage community interaction, while the simulation will allow customers (both individuals/students and companies) to take advantage of innovation technology to easily integrate with their specific requirements and to obtain highly relevant results that can go beyond traditional training uses. Namely, while being able to simulate real use cases, customers can “deep dive” and take a look at every stage of the process as prototyping is one of the most efficient ways of learning although hard to use due to its case complexity (if simulation is not available).

Key elements of the interactive online repository:

• – A location to store/use educational modules and repository

• – A location to store/use practical exercises

• – A location to store/use questionnaires (before – after)

• – A location to store/use blog/discussion

• – A location to store/use a simulation environment (role model)

WP4 will produce the following deliverables:

• 1 interactive online repository