How could we improve marketing strategies using data science? How could labour market analysts benefit from data science? Could data science contribute to the tourism sector? The answers to these and many other questions will be provided by the ADSEE project partners who developed the innovative educational materials.

ADSEE project partners are trying to popularize data science and show how data science could be applied in specific occupations and sectors in order to improve or simplify business process. Experts with technical background and education are familiar with data science, but the goal of this Erasmus+ project is to encourage the application of data science in non-technical occupations. This way, project partners try to point out the benefits of data science in those occupations in which data science is not used so often.

Thus, Algebra University College created educational materials on the possibilities of applying data science in marketing, and the Faculty of Information Studies (Slovenia) created educational materials to show the ways of using data science in tourism and cultural heritage. This way, interested marketing experts will be introduced to the possibilities of creating new marketing strategies based on detailed data analysis. Modern, digital advertising age, can significantly improve promotion methods using data science. Given that the importance of a sustainable economy is recognized in the world more and more, tourism will also follow these trends in lessening of mass tourism. The implementation of data science could be a way to effectively monitor trends in tourism and develop more efficient tourism strategies. The University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) developed educational materials on the application of data science in the labour market analysis, and the Technische Informationsbibliothek (Germany) on the application of data science for protecting personal data. The labour market is a place of interaction between workers and future employers, and this communication generates numerous data that are used for further analysis. Data science has the best methods for labour market analysts, and it can address personal data security issues.

Developed educational materials will be published in the created repository. After that, the project partners will focus on the next phase of the project. Namely, students and professors from partners’ institutions will test the developed educational materials. This phase will also include a survey that will be conducted before and after the use of educational materials. This way, students’ and professors’ attitude towards the application of data science in their occupation will be examined, and survey will also serve to examine possible change of the attitude after attending the pilot. This project phase will be implemented at the end of 2021.

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