We can proudly announce that ADSEE project partners have delivered all planned project results. As a final dissemination activity, project coordinator Algebra University College hosted final ADSEE multiplier event in order to present project results and encourage development of similar initiatives in higher education and data science.

After finishing all the work related to intellectual outputs, ADSEE Erasmus+ project partners finalized all planned project results. Additionally, project partners’ intention was to disseminate project results and impact to the wider business and academic community.

For this purpose, project coordinator Algebra University College hosted final ADSEE multiplier event on 31st March 2022. The aim of the event was to present ADSEE achievements to the audience, but also contribute and encourage similar initiatives in the future.

After welcoming participants, the representative of Algebra University College and Vice Dean for R&D, Leo Mršić, PhD, presented main objectives and results of the ADSEE project. Mr. Mršić paid special attention to the impact that ADSEE project results could have in academic and business sector.

The event continued with presentation about importance of data science approach in business by Mr. Darko Jureković (Oracle). During his presentation, Mr. Jureković had a great discussion with the participants, since many of them were interested into presenter’s business experience and his approach to data science. From the academic perspective, Mirjana Pejić Bach, PhD, from Faculty of Business & Economics in Zagreb presented ways of implementing learning about data science into the learning environment of non-technical universities. Mrs. Pejić Bach presented many successful teaching strategies that she often uses in her work with students.

The event was attended by a significant number of visitors – either business experts or academics, so the discussion during networking time was very lively which promises new cooperation, projects and initiatives.

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