ADSEE project partners have delivered all planned project results (intellectual outputs). This is why in the end of March 2022, Faculty of Information Studies in Slovenia, organized and hosted multiplier event. The aim of this dissemination activity was to showcase achieved results of the ADSEE project to the wide community and stakeholders.

Erasmus+ ADSEE project partners were trying to organize the multiplier events during the 2020 and 2021, but the first opportunity for hosting such an event showed up in the 2022. Even though events could not be hosted earlier due to the pandemics, partners disseminated project and its results using social networks and websites. Finally, Faculty of Information Studies decided to organize a multiplier event in March 2022, when Covid-19 restrictions were not strict. It was very practical because at that moment partners finished their work on all project results.

Therefore, Faculty of Information Studies organized and hosted multiplier event on 28th March 2022. This was an opportunity to showcase achieved results of the ADSEE project to the wide community and stakeholders. The event was conduced live with business stakeholders and students in the audience. The moderator of the event was Victor Cepoi, PhD, assistant professor at Faculty of Information Studies and School of Advances Sciences as well as the core ADSEE project team member.

At the beginning of the event, representatives of project coordinator – Algebra University College, joined the event online and welcomed participants. Leo Mršić, PhD, vice dean for research and development at AUC presented main objectives of the ADSEE project. Afterwards, Mr. Cepoi continued holding the event online and presenting great ADSEE achievements.

First, starting points of the ADSEE project were presented, for example idea for implementing such project and the situation with data science in higher education before implementing the project. Afterwards, Mr. Cepoi presented four developed educational modules. At this point, the audience was eager to discuss about implementing data science into specific fields. Followed with very lively discussion, students and business stakeholders had the opportunity for networking and discussing possible cooperation in the future.

It can be concluded that Faculty of Information Studies’ intention to successfully disseminate project activities to the wider community was achieved!

We thank all our project partners for cooperation which resulted with achieving our project goals.

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