In order to develop the pilot process (Intellectual Output 4), the educational modules elaborated in Intellectual Output 3 were integrated into the learning environments of project partners using the developed platform. Moreover, pilot process actually represents phase of the ADSEE project when all previously developed results had to be used in order to successfully conduct the pilots in partners’ learning environments. The pilots were conducted by all higher educational institutions which are ADSEE project partners, meaning that more than 200 students from Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia had the opportunity to participate in the pilot and therefore gain insights into data science methods and approach.

As a final result, report on Intellectual Output 4 of the ADSEE project contains:

  1. insights gained during the process of piloting obtained by project partners
  2. the results of the pilot process – evaluation of the pilot efficiency and success-rate of the produced educational modules together with recommendations
Pilot – REPORT