The application of data science in non-technical fields is progressing within the Erasmus+ ADSEE project!

In the previous months, the project partners worked intensively on achieving the ultimate goal of the ADSEE project – creating useful educational and training modules in data science for non-technical universities.

For this purpose, a highly functional repository with the ability to process various data has been established. The repository will contain educational materials which will be developed during the project. With the formation of the repository, the goals of intellectual output 2 were successfully accomplished.

After repository development, project partners are dedicated to the next output – creating educational materials about the usage of DS in non-technical occupations. The first challenge was choosing the field and occupation to which project partners will be dedicated. Partners made a significant effort on this activity, in order to apply DS in those occupations that could significantly improve or simplify their business by using DS.

University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB, Germany) have chosen labour market as a field of interest, Arctur and Faculty of Information Studies (FIS, Novo Mesto, Slovenia) will be dedicated to cultural heritage, and Algebra University College will be working on applying data about traffic and logistic in marketing, sales, security and surveillance.

In the following activities, project partners will be focused on developing specific educational materials for the selected industry, in order to use benefits of the DS in other occupations.

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